The rabbits on which various experiments were applied have mutated! And they are freed from being lab rabbits and have formed  Freedom Bunnies Clan clan on the ethereum blockchain , each of which is unique, consist of a total of 4000 members.





The sale of Freedom Bunnies Clan members will be announced on our website and twitter accound


When %50 of the rabbits are saled, a raffle will be started and a total of 50 members will be given away


When %100 of the rabbits are finished, the new Project will be announced and we will have special surprises for those who have at least 3 rabbits

What is F.B.C?

Freedom Bunnies Clan, produced by Kozmos Studio is a 4000 unique NFT Collection consisting of 89 different specialities such as accessories,background,cloth and hats each member has an Id and planned from a possible combination.